Link Building-Best Techniques to Build Links

Best Link-Building Strategies

Inbound links to a website are vital for its ranking in search engine results if the links are coming from high PR niche-related websites. Now a day, to build risk-free backlinks is not much easy. To make this difficult task a little easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of some best link-building techniques. Not all of these techniques work for all people, but the list is long enough that you can almost undoubtedly find a technique that works for you.

Low-Risk Link-Building Techniques

Riskier Link-Building Techniques

The above techniques were risk free, i.e. there is no fear of loss of the efforts or penalizing by search engines. There is a riskier link building technique also which may benefit websites for short term but the long-term success couldn’t be guaranteed. This technique is the buying of links from directories and link brokers. If you buy some backlinks, then it needs to be paid continually. Once you stop paying, you will loss all the backlinks, and off course the ranking too. Such type of links may give the rapid results, but never go for this technique if you need long term success.

These were some link building techniques which were extracted from the Dany Dover’s eBook “Search Engine Optimization Secrets”. We hope that you liked this. Best of luck!

Reference: Dany Dover, 2011. Search Engine Optimization Secrets. pp. 159-163
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