How to Show Your Image in Google Search Results

how to show display your image in google search results
You might have noticed images of authors along with the URL and description in Google search results. This image is shown from Google+ profile of the concerned author. If you own a website, blog or forum, you can easily display your image in Google search results. All you have to do is, setup a complete Google+ profile and link it with your content. If you are running a .blogspot blog, then you don't have to do anything other than setting up your Google+ profile with a good and recognizable photo of you. If you are running a blog on your own domain, or own a forum or any website, then follow the below simple steps to display your image with your webpage URL in search results when searched in Google.

Add Your Website to Google Webmaster Tools
Google Webmaster Tools are free tools offered for webmasters by Google to manage their websites. In the first step, you should add and verify your website in Google Webmaster Tools to make sure that your profile image will be shown in the Google search results.

Complete Your Google Plus Profile
You should have a complete Google+ profile for showing your image in Google search results. The image, which you use in your Google+ profile will be displayed in the search results. So use a good and recognizable photo of you in your Google+ profile. 

Add Your Website/Blog to Your Google Plus Account
In this step, edit your Google+ profile and add concerned website in "Contributor" section of your profile. While adding your website URL, make sure that you are adding it correctly. i.e. in the standard format or

Add Author Attributes to Concerned Webpages
Your webpages should contain author attributes on them to display your image with them in Google search results. You can add a meta tag <meta name="author" content="Your Name">. Make sure that the name should exactly match with your name on Google+ profile. You can also add your Google+ ID ( on the page if you don't want to add the  author meta tag.

Verify an Email
Next you have to verify and add an email with the domain of your concerned website to your Google+ profile. It will prove that you are actually an author of the website for which you are going to apply as an author. To verify an email, first you should have an email on the same domain. i.e. Then visit put your email address in the concerned box. Google will send you an email. Check your inbox and verify the email to prove yourself as an author on the concerned website.

Verify Your Authorship in Google Webmaster Tools
Now in the last step, go to and verify your authorship. To do that, visit the above URL, login and then enter your website URL in the concerned box and hit preview. You will be asked to put your Google+ profile ID in appeared window. Enter your Google+ profile ID for which you have verified the email of the concerned website. If you have done every thing correctly, then your image should be shown in the preview once you verify it.

What to do if you don't have an email on the concerned domain?
If you don't have an email on the domain of your website, you can still link your website content with your Google+ profile and can show your image in search results. Follow the below steps to fix that.
  1. Create a link, to your Google+ profile, on your webpage like this:<a href="(Profile_URL)? rel=author">Author</a>
  2. Replace (Profile_URL) with your Google+ profile ID. In my case, the above link will be created as  <a href="">Author</a>
 Now you are all done. If you do the above discussed steps correctly, your profile picture will be shown with your content in Google search results.

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