Biss Key/Biss Code of BTV National

BTV National (Bangladesh Television National) also broadcasts the live ICC T20 World Cup 2012. BTV National is the government TV network of Bangladesh. Although PTV Sports broadcasts the live ICC T20 World Cup 2012, but the trouble with PTV Sports is that the biss key is kept changing during the match. This really annoys.

BTV National is a better option which broadcasts the match on Asia Sat 105° East. The details about the frequency and biss key of the TV channel are listed below. Please note that the biss key of  BTV National may also change. We will update it as soon as possible. You can also contribute us. Please make this a discussion and sharing place for the biss keys during and after the World Cup. I hope you will contribute and cooperate us. Details about the channel are listed below:
Satellite: Asia Sat 105° East
Frequency:  03711 V 11393
TID: 1 Nid; 1
Video PID: 0201 (00C9 in HEX)
Audio PID: 0202 (00CA in HEX)
SID: 0011 (00B in HEX)

Biss Key:  D2 34 5A 60 BC 67 8F B2
(Please note that there are some errors going with VPID and the key may not work for some receivers. If the key doesn't work for you, we apologize for that. We are looking into it and hopefully fix it soon! )

I hope this will work for you. We will update it for you if any change takes place. Thank you!