Scratched DVDs and CDs. Five Tricks to Fix Scratches on Your DVDs and CDs

best tips/tricks to remove scratches from dvds and cds
DVDs and CDs are the most convenient media for watching movies, listening songs, installing games, copying data for storage and for many other purposes. These disks are frequently used in homes, theaters and other places to run on computers, Xbox, DVD players and CD players etc. But the problem with these disks is that, they are easily scratched. When scratches appear on them, they don't run properly or even stop running completely if the scratches are strong. So you have to take a good care of these disks. But what to do, if your favorite DVD or CD has scratched? Should you through it into garbage and buy a new one? No, you don't have to through it away. I am going to share five easy ways which you can adopt to remove scratches from your disks and make them usable again. Here we go.

1. Bananas
Shocked by reading the title "Banana"? Yes, bananas can make your disks working again if they are scratched. Although badly scratched disks can't be fixed by bananas, still you can try this for slight scratches on the disks. You will find the results pretty good, as the waxy substances in banana will treat your scratched disk. To fix a scratched disk with banana, follow the below steps:
When the disk dries, put it in the concerned device. You will experience the change! So try this trick right now, if your disks are scratched.

2. Car Wax
Car wax can also be used to treat the scratched disks. To make your scratched disks readable, take some liquid car wax on a soft cloth piece and buff the disk with it in a gentle manner in an in-out motion. Don't rub the disk roughly. After the soft rinsing, let the disk to dry and try it in the concerned device. The results will entertaining and car wax even gives the life back to hard scratched disks.

3. Furniture Polish
Furniture polish, if applied perfectly, can treat the hard-crashed DVDs and CDs. Gently polish the scratched disk with any good quality furnish polish using a soft cloth. Repeat the polishing for two or three times and try the disk. Device will read your disk easily.
4. Toothpaste
Toothpaste can be also used to make scratched disks working again. Toothpastes containing Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) are ideal for this treatment. As there are polycarbonate layers added on the pits of the disks, the rubbing with baking soda removes the top scratched layer, improving the disk condition. So to make a scratched disk working for you, take some toothpaste (containing baking soda) on a soft cloth and rub the disk hard with it. This will surely work for you!

5. Perfumes
Perfumes can also be used to clean the disks. This trick will not help you removing the scratches on the disk, still you can make it readable if it is not being read by devices due to accumulation of dust and other particles over the pits. Put some drops of perfume on the disk and clean the disk with a soft cloth. Try the disk after drying it. 

If you have a lot of DVDs and CDs and your favorite ones are scratched, try the above tricks to make your disks reusable.

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