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paypal pakistan-how to get a paypal account in pakistan
PayPal is undoubtedly the most famous online money transfer service of the world. It not only allows its consumers to send, receive and transfer money online, anyone can buy and sell products also using the services of PayPal. Apart from this, donations can also be collected from all over the world. But unfortunately, the services of PayPal are not available in Pakistan and some other countries of the world, mostly in Asian countries. So bloggers, website owners, online sellers, buyers and other people concerned with online business face a big difficulty in Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries of Asia where PayPal is unavailable. So the biggest question which every online consumer asks in Pakistan and other Asian countries lacking the services of PayPal is that when PayPal will start providing its services in their country? Is there any way to get a verified PayPal account in these countries or is there any alternate of PayPal available there in their countries? Before answering these questions, we will briefly discuss, who needs a verified PayPal account and why PayPal only.

Who Needs a PayPal Account?
Every person connected with online business needs a PayPal account. If you are a website owner, blogger, forum owner, selling products online, buying products online or an NGO needing financial support, then you need an online banking account. As PayPal is the most famous online banking service of the world, it obviously will be your first choice. Almost all large markets of the world accept PayPal. So if you have a verified PayPal account, then you can receive money from the people whom you sell products, can send money to the people from whom you buy products, can receive your online earned money, can transfer money to any other account and so on. All these features make PayPal the king of the online banking.

If we talk about when PayPal will start its services in the countries where it is unavailable, then it is unpredictable. Although there are many countries in the world, which are worse than Pakistan and Bangladesh economically, geographically and in many other aspects, where PayPal is operating, but in Pakistan and Bangladesh, PayPal is reluctant in starting its services. We don't understand why it is so. When PayPal is contacted for any question or issue, it has never answered. The issuing is not only frustrating the general public contacting PayPal, the case is same with PayPal consumers who always criticize PayPal for its bad support and negligence towards its customers. 

How to Get a Verified Account in Pakistan?
As PayPal services are not available in Pakistan, so you can't create an account on it. If you are thinking to get a verified PayPal account in Pakistan, then there is only a single way, i.e. you can ask a foreigner or any person living abroad, where PayPal services are available, to get the one for you. The person may ask you to pay an amount which you will have to pay.

Now your question might be that how can you find a person who could get a verified PayPal account for you? The answers for this question are given below:
Alternate of PayPal
Now lets discuss, either is there any online service like PayPal available in Pakistan? The answer is "Yes". Payza, formerly known as AlertPay, is one of the emerging services expanding its network throughout the world. You can expect Payza to provide quality services as PayPal do. So if you are living in a country, where PayPal is unavailable, then Payza is the best option for you. Signup at Payza now and start availing the services about which you are dreaming.

Other Options to Receive Money
Western Union is next option which allows money exchange across the world. There are many large and popular services which use Western Union. Google Adsense is one of them which pay its publishers through Western Union. I have touched it here, because if you are an online earner, then Western Union may be your choice, as the mechanism to withdraw money from Western Union is extremely easy.

This was an article describing two ways to get a PayPal account in Pakistan and about the best alternate of PayPal which will surely eliminate the demand for PayPal in several countries in near future.