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What is SMS Spoofing?
SMS spoofing is the sending of text messages by showing a fake name or number as sender. It can be used to make fun with friends. While sending a spoofed text message to any of your friends, you can display the desired name or number as the sender of the text message being sent by you. Suppose 'A' is your friend and 'B' is his girlfriend. Say 12345 is the mobile number of your friend's girlfriend 'B'. Now you can send a spoofed text message to your friend 'A' by putting his girlfriend's number as the sender ID. When the text will be received by your friend 'A', his girlfriend's name or number will be displayed on his mobile screen. He will think that his girlfriend has sent the message to him, indeed the message was sent by you.

Fake Texts Are Illegal 
Although it is a big fun if practiced with friends only, but always remember that spoofing is an illegal attempt and strict action could be taken against the convict if the service is used to frighten any one or used any other illegal purpose. Don't think that you are safe if you are using an online service to send spoofed or prank SMS. If you use spoofing illegally, then you may have to face severe legal actions. So please don't send spoofed text message to unknown numbers, neither use anyone else' number to send such type of messages, the person may have to face the difficulties and severe problems.

Spoof SMS Are Oneway
Spoofed text messages are one way only. It means that you can send text messages but can't receive replies from the receiver. The actual owner will receive the reply whom number you used in the spoofed text message as the sender earlier.

Free Services to Send Prank SMS
Although there are many websites which allow you to send the prank or spoofed SMS but they charge high for it. I have searched a cool website for you which you can use to make fun with your friends by spoofing them. You can send a text message to them using any number or you can set a name as sender. This service is SMSian.info.

SMSian.info allows you to send spoofed SMS to any mobile number in the world by displaying your desired number or name. You can put your desired number as sender, can put a combination of numbers and letters (alphanumeric) or can just write any name or word as the sender.

I used the term FREE for this service, because you don't need to pay it and can earn free credits by taking surveys. If you want to spend some money and don't want to take the surveys, SMSian.info is offering the credits for purchase also at low prices.

Beware of Being Spoofed
Your friends and others may spoof you by sending you fake text messages. If you receive an unexpected message from one of your friends, relatives, neighbors or anyone else, then don't take any immediate action on it. This may result in breakup, clash or hatred among you and your loved ones. The text may be a spoof. First look into it by informing the person whom number was used to send you the text message. 

This article has been written for information purpose only. If anyone use the above discussed service for any illegal purposes, he/she may face severe legal actions.