Facts About Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Search Suggestions and SEO

google search suggestions seo adwords keywords tool
Google's AdWords Keyword Tool is a free and very helpful tool for searching the best keywords for your content to make your webpage best optimized for search engines. The tool suggests the most searched keywords for a particular term which can be used in describing the webpage that what it contains. If keywords are well structured and prominent, then your website will be loved by search engines and it will be visible in search results when the keywords are searched. To make a website successful, the free vast traffic from search engines is vital, and it can be gained by only proper SEO.

What are keywords?
Keywords are a sequence of special letters and numbers related with the content of a webpage, with special significance to the search engines. The keywords are reference points and most illustrative words describing the content of any webpage. Suppose if you are writing an article about SEO, then seo, search engine optimization, best seo practices, significance of seo etc. are the keywords for your article. The selection of proper keywords for any webpage is crucial for visibility of that particular webpage in search engine results.

How Google AdWords Keyword Tool works?
Google AdWords Keyword Tool gives an idea how often keywords are been searched by users on the Internet for a particular topic. Google neatly looks over the search queries and then calculate and measure the trend of users that how and for what they are looking on the Internet. According to experts, Google calculates 16% new queries every day and trends keep changing. If you use the suggested keywords by AdWords Keyword Tool properly, then the probability of your webpage to be shown in search results increases, resulting the more clicks and thus more visits to your website. 

Google Search's Suggestions and SEO
When we start typing any query in Google Search's search box, then Google automatically builds and shows a list of related keywords which are similar to your query. Now a days, it has been started to finding out that either these suggested keywords are handy for SEO or not? Some SEO experts believe that these suggested keywords are not significant as the AdWords Tool, but the question arises here, then why Google suggests those keywords?

In fact the suggested keywords by Google Search are those which are frequently been searched on the Internet and thus Google shows the popular keywords related with your query when you start typing the word in search box. This may be a big transition in SEO practices. Some web developers have started squeezing out doubts in AdWords Keyword Tool and they argue that some keywords, Google Search suggested, were even absent in the AdWords Tool suggestions. They believe that AdWords Keyword Tool takes long to include user trends while search suggestions by Google Search are quick reflections of user trends. We can't say anything about this but can at least experiment it before formulating an accurate critique.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool is the most popular and best tool for searching the keywords, but you should go with Google Search suggestions and experiment it as I did. This may change the fate of your website. Best of luck!

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