Bulk/Mass Email Sender Plugin for WordPress

bulk mass email newsletter sender wordpress blogger
Bulk emails are an easy way to communicate with your blog or website subscribers. If you have a blog, then the best way to keep bringing your visitors back to your blog is to send them notifications about new blog posts and other events. Although sending emails to a large number of people is a tough task, but we need to do it, as there is no any success without hard work. If you have a WordPress blog or website, then I am going to share a very useful WordPress plugin with you which will minimize your efforts and maximize your success results. The plugin is the Mass or Bulk Email Sender for WordPress.

WodPress is known for its great features. Many bloggers prefer WordPress to build their blog with. It is so, because there is a vast number of useful plugins available for WordPress platform. These plugins simplify the tasks. Bulk email sender plugin for WordPress is one of these plugins which sends mass emails to your subscribers and selected contacts in one-click, thus you are on the way to promote your blog or website and other products in a convenient way. Some great features of this plugin are listed below:
The plugin is available for sale on Tribulant Software's website. The latest available version of the plugin is 3.9.4 (October 2012). Some details for purchase are listed below:
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