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The 2/3rd of the year 2012 has passed. Now we can decide that which web browser leaded the market throughout the year. When we talk about the best Internet browser of 2012, then it is a difficult task for us, that which browser should be declared the best from the two most famous Internet browsers. These two browsers are the Firefox of Mozilla and the Chrome of Google. Although Google's Chrome stands first for some feature advancements, still it is the fact that Firefox retains its position as the most used browser of the world. As Google Chrome has been declared as the best Internet browser of the world by many reviewing websites like TopTenReviews, so we will look out the features of Google Chrome in this post, that why Google Chrome got the first position in the field.

Page Load Time
Google Chrome has the minimum page load time among all other Web browsers. The pages are loaded quickly even on slower connections.

Provides the Best Security
The security of Google Chrome makes it the best Internet browser of the world for the year 2012. With inbuilt malware and phishing protection, Google's Chrome provides you the best security while browsing the Internet. With the help of Chrome's top class security, the risk of your personal data to be stolen is minimized.

The auto-update ensures that your security is not compromised. Additionally, once you close a tab, all the processes, which were occurring in that tab, are terminated completely. It ensures that there is no interference left between the content of different tabs. It is also useful, as if you have reached a malware website accidentally, then that particular website is restricted to the concerned tab only.

User Interface
The next feature of Google Chrome, which makes it the leading browser of 2012, is the good user interface of the browser. Browser has a cool stylish look and is extremely easy to use. With a clean layout, the browser provides its components in a well organized manner, allowing the user to use them in a convenient way.

Although there are fast downloaders available in the market, still if we compare the inbuilt downloaders of the web browsers, Chrome leads on all other web browsers. 

Google Chrome is the only web browser of the world, which supports a lot of add-ons to be installed on it. You can install weather widgets, news feeds, adblock extensions. tool bars and many other add-ons from the Web Store of  Chrome. So you can enhance the functionality of Chrome according to your wishes by adding your favorite extensions.

This was a brief introduction to the features of Google Chrome that why Chrome is declared as the best Web browser of the year 2012.
Google Chrome
Reviewed by ITCongress on October 20 2012
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