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When it comes decorating the Blogger blog, a cool and nice template is required. Although there are a few inbuilt Blogger templates but you may not prefer to use one of them for your blog. It is because they are common on each blog and secondly, their look is not so professional. They may not provide a sleek look to your blog what you imagine for it. So the option is to search the Internet for a good Blogger template and customize it for your blog. You will find many templates on the Internet, many of which are free but their quality is not so good. Premium templates for Blogger blogs are also available which can be availed by paying the author or relevant person.

But all the premium templates are also not good. if you are searching for a good template, apart from a good design, you should keep two more important points in your mind while selecting it for your blog. The first thing, the template should load quickly and secondly it should be an SEO friendly. I have brought a very cool Blogger template for your blog which surely will make you happy. This template is eNews Blogger Template which was originally adapted from WordPress. The template is ideal for news blogs but it can be used with any blog type. Below is a snapshot of this cool template.
best blogger template premium free download
How to customize the template?
If you are not an expert, then  follow the below steps to edit and customize the template for your blog.
Edit Links
To edit the links for navigation, find <div id='cat-menu'> tag and replace the links under this tag with links of your own

Edit Logo
If you don't want to use the default logo of eNews, then find "" and replace it with the URL of your own custom logo. Make sure that your logo dimensions should not exceed 300x100, otherwise it may alter the template design.

Important Note:
Before applying the template to your blog, make sure that you have minimum ten posts and some comments on your blog. Otherwise the design of the template may not appear as good as shown in the demo. If it happens, don't worry and keep posting. It will look cool automatically if there are enough posts on your blog.

If you are facing any difficulty applying this template to your blog or while editing the links, you can ask us by commenting this post. We will feel great pleasure to help you. Thank you.

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