AdSense PIN. Google AdSense PIN Not Received Yet in Pakistan

Google sends you a personal identification number (PIN) enclosed in a small white envelop for verification of your postal address. The PIN is generated when your AdSense earnings reach US 10$ and is sent at your postal address within next two or three days. The purpose of this verification is to ensure that the publisher is really a resident of the country's region which he/she has specified in his account information while signing up for AdSense. Secondly, it is to ensure that the publisher receives the check of his/her earnings when it is sent by standard mail. Your payments will be kept on hold until you enter the PIN.

AdSense PIN in Pakistan and Other Asian Countries
Publishers in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other Asian countries usually face difficulty in receiving the AdSense PIN. As the postal system in undeveloped and under-developing countries is not so good, therefore AdSense PIN takes long to reach the destination. But it doesn't mean that AdSense PIN will never reach the publisher in Pakistan and other Asian countries. It reaches easily if the address details are submitted correctly by the publisher. It takes about 2-3 weeks to reach AdSense PIN in Pakistan after it is generated and posted. I received my AdSense PIN today (October 13, 2012) after 20 days. You can also receive it easily, but don't forget to submit your contact details as following sequence:
1. House number, room number, office, organization etc.
2. Street address and clear location
3. Postal zip of your area
4. City name
5. Country
If your AdSense earnings have reached US 10$ and you have submitted proper contact details, then be patient and wait for a few days, your AdSense PIN will reach you soon.

What Will Happen If You Don't Enter AdSense PIN
Google allots you a six month period after your earnings reach US 10$ and your PIN is generated. You can enter your AdSense PIN during this period to remove holds from your payment. In case you don't enter your AdSense PIN during this persiod, AdSense stops showing ads on your website. So you need to resolve your PIN issue within these six months.

Once you receive your PIN, you can enter it in account settings. Please note that you should enter your PIN carefully. If you enter your PIN wrongly for three times, your AdSense account will be suspended. So always take great care while entering your AdSense PIN.

What to Do, If AdSense PIN Doesn't Reach
In case you don't receive your AdSense PIN in the first attempt, you can request the replacement PIN two more times. After first request, wait for at least one month, because it sometimes takes long to reach. If you don't receive the PIN still, request again for it. At the same time, after your second request, a link will appear in your AdSense settings which will lead you to a page on which you can request the AdSense team to verify your address manually. You will be asked to provide a scanned copy of any of your government documents containing your residence details. Once you will upload and submit it, AdSense team will remove the holds from your account. You will get informed by an email from any of AdSense team members that your identity has verified and you will never need to enter any PIN again in future.

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