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ptv sports laltest biss key 

PTV Sports Latest/Current BISS Key Details

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The signals of PTV (Pakistan Television Network) Sports channel are encrypted using biss keys. As the rights for telecasting the international cricket matches in Pakistan are reserved by Geo Super, so no other TV channel can broadcast the live cricket matches on satellite TV. PTV Sports can only show these matches on terrestrial network.

The biss key of PTV sports is kept changing during important cricket matches. They are changed and only told to the concerned terrestrial networks of PTV. But you can still search on the Internet to find the latest key of PTV Sports. These keys are first told to the concerned PTV networks, from there they are leaked out and are put on the Internet for the cricket lovers.

Pakistan and India are the two major countries with enormous cricket fans. Many of them live in the villages and remote areas where the facility of cable TV is unavailable. So they are dependent only on the satellite TV for watching the cricket matches. In this post, we are putting the latest PTV Sports biss key for you. If you are a cricket lover, then you can find the latest biss key of PTV Sports here. Please remember that the right to show live cricket matches in Pakistan is reserved by Geo Super. If you can avail the cable TV facility, please use it to watch the live cricket, as the concerned TV network, the Geo Super, should be credited ethically. If the satellite TV is the only option for you, then you can use the biss key to watch the live broadcast of cricket on PTV Sports. Below is the latest biss key of PTV Sports. Please not that the biss keys are kept changing. If the below key has been changed and we haven't updated it yet and you know the latest key, please share that key by commenting on this post. Thank you.

PTV Sports and other channels of PTV network have been moved to new satellite Paksat 38° East. You can use the following details to watch PTV Sports on Paksat 38° East

If you can't set the direction of your dish towards Paksat, below image will help you. Use the frequency details provided below and direct your dish towards Paksat to receive PTV Sports signals.
new satellite ptv sports pak sat asia sat direction
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Frequency Details
 Satellite: Paksat 38° East
New Frequency: 4004
Polarization: V
Symbol Rate: 3333
New Biss Key: D3 19 A9 CC C7 F1 AD CC
D3 19 A9 95 C7 F1 AD 65 (For China Receivers)
(Updated June 19, 2013. 08:20 PST)

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