Best Free Image Hosting With Direct Linking

free image hosting with direct link
If you are searching for a free host for your images, which could host your images for free and could also provide you the best services, then your search will end here. I am going to share the most popular and best image hosting service of the world with you, about which you may surely know. Yes, I am talking about the PhotoBucket. If you don't know much about PhotoBucket, then you will know about it after reading this article, and I am sure that you will instantly create a free account on that website after reading this post.

So you may ask, why this service is most popular? Here is the answer in just two sentences: "Because PhotoBucket is the most trusted image hosting website which hosts images for free with direct link/hotlink". If you are an owner of a website or blog, then you need PhotoBucket. You don't need only free image hosting if you have limited storage space and bandwidth on your blog/website, you also need the direct link/hotlink to your files so your visitors could access these files directly from your website/blog.

PhotoBucket allows you to upload, share and link photos, graphics and videos. The service was founded in 2003 and acquired by Fox Interactive Media, Inc. in July 2007 and then merged with Ontela, Inc., in December 2009. The Photobucket Corporation, has a massive audience of more than 23 million monthly unique users in the U.S. who upload over five million images and videos per day.

Why direct linking is necessary?
Direct linking is necessary for website and blog owners. Using hotlink/direct link, you can embed an image on your website/blog directly. If you want to provide download of your images and videos, then your visitors can do so directly from your website/blog. They won't be redirected to the website for downloading on which the image is hosted. 

Is PhotoBucket Always Free?
PhotoBucket can be said to be always free. It is the most respected and most trusted free image hosting service of the world. The website has a very good reputation and you  can trust on it for long-term storage of your images.

Satisfied from PhotoBucket? Then signup for a free account now and start uploading, sharing and linking your photos and videos for free!

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