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best free mp3 file hosting with directlink/ hotlink
If you are searching for a free host on the Internet, which could host your MP3 files for free, then your search will terminate here. I am going to share a website with you which will fulfill your all expectations, even it may prove to be better than many premium websites. The website allows you to store and share unlimited MP3 files with unlimited data transfer. Additionally it allows you to hotlink your files to your website or blog for free. Does any other free host gives you such features? Obviously no. So if you have never heard about the service, then this website will solve your problems in finding a free host for your MP3 files.

The website, about which I am talking is which is an American website, based in Texas. The website has been introduced in early 2012. It not only hosts MP3 files but also stores all other file types for free. The free hosting for other file types is limited, not unlimited as for MP3 files. If you wish to store file types other than .mp3, then the website will give you a 2GB storage space, 100MB maximum file size, 30GB hotlinking/month and unlimited bandwidth. If we talk about the hosting benefits for our files on Kiwi6, the most important and handy features can be summarized as below:
These were some key features of Kiwi6 which make them better than many paid hosts.

Why Kiwi6 is best for Bloggers and Website Owners?
Although Kiwi6 is a a very good host for everyone, it is best for those who own a website or blog but don't have enough storage space and bandwidth for their files. Then Kiwi6 is the greatest and best option for them. There are many other free file hosting websites also, but your visitors will be redirected to these sites, if you put files on them. The unique thing about Kiwi6 is that it allows you hotlinking/directlinking for free, i.e. your visitors can download files directly from your web page. Additionally, you can also stream MP3 music on your websites which I discussed earlier. If you have a free blog on Blogger, WordPress or any other service, then you might have a lesser storage space. Then Kiwi6 stands with you to run and manage your blog easily.

If you have a music website or blog, then there is no any website better than Kiwi6. Kiwi6 allows you do anything with your music files, what you want. It allows you to store them online for free, share them with friends and stream them on your website/blog. You can use the default cool Flash player of Kiwi6 or you can use your own one, as Kiwi6 allows you directlinking.

If you want to store file types other than MP3, then read this article. It will help you selecting a perfect free host for your files. But remember!!! Only trust on the websites for free hosting which have a good reputation in the market. Kiwi6 is getting it now and surely be more popular than Mediafire in upcoming days.

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