How to Get More Backlinks to Your Site? Golden Tips

What is backlinking?
Get More Backlinks to Your Site. Precious Tips
Backlinking is to put your website, blog or forum’s links on other sites on the Internet. The URL’s which will bring user to your site when clicked are called backlinks. They are also termed as inlinks, inbound links or incoming links. Suppose you ever put your site’s URL on any other site while commenting on a post or anyone else found content on your site useful and put its URL on his/her site, the process is termed as backlinking and the link will called the backlinks.

Backlinks and Your Site
As you know that search engine ranking is very necessary for the success of a website. If your site gets a higher rank on other similar sites, then in search results, it will be shown before those which possess low rank than yours. The result is the more clicks and visits to your website, making it successful and more popular.

The backlinks are very important in getting a higher page rank in the eye of search engines, thus they play a very crucial role in success of your website. You might be familiar of it that search engines have bots and spiders which crawl throughout the web and get information about websites and their content. They visit the popular sites regularly and fast which are kept updating and visit the new and less popular sites occasionally. So for a new site, it is the best idea to put links on other websites which are popular. When search engine bots and spiders will crawl that site, they will look on all links and the new site will also be looked up.

If you have a newly created site, then you should put as maximum as possible backlinks to your website. It will keep your site alive in the search engine eyes. Your site will be indexed fast. Additionally, the backlinks will be seen by the visitors of the site on which you have put it. They will click on it and will visit your site. All this contributes your site to get higher page rank.

How to Get More Backlinks to Your Site
As backlinking is an affecting factor on search engine rankings, so it is adapted as one of the important tricks of Search Engine Optimizations. SEO companies (website and blog owners also) apply different methods to maximize backlinking to the target site. There are many tools in the market which are used to post and put selected links on other sites. Magic Submitter is one of these tools. But here, I’ll not recommend you to use such type of tools as attempts of these tools are detected by most sites as spams. This may cause the search engines to ignore your site. I am going to share some simple ways by which your site can get better page rank and more referrals also.

Social Sharing
Social networks are a major source of traffic to your website. The second good thing about is that search engine bots and spiders crawl these sites regularly. So share your content on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Orkut and other social networks.

Join Forums
Forums e.g. WorriorForum, are the discussion platforms where a lot of people gather. They discuss their problems there, get help and help others. It is the best practice to join these forums and promote your site. I am not suggesting you to put referrals links to your site on these forums. Just join them and set your site’s URL as your signature. Now whenever you will make a post or comment on others posts, your site’s link will also added to that forum. Keep commenting and keep making posts; it will give you a lot of backlinks and visitors. You can also add some charming words with your URL in the signature; like “The Great Website”.

Participate in Q&A Talks
The “Question and Answer” websites are yet another platform for your backlinks. Yahoo Answers and are two common examples. Search for the “Q&A” sites related with your website’s topic, visit them and go through the questions that what is being asked. If your site has the answer (content) of any question, respond it by mentioning your site’s URL. Here, I’d like to mention an important issue, that don’t post links in bulk again and again. Otherwise your account may be suspended by considering you as a spam. My suggestion is to answer the questions in a helping way and mention the link to your site as further reading.

Interact with Blogs
Keep visiting blogs created by others. Comment on the posts on these blogs and mention your site’s URL. Netlog is a service which allows you to read blogs of others of others and to create your one. Read others blogs, comment on their blogs and ask them to visit your site.

Join Promoting Sites
There are many paid and free websites which help you to promote your website or blog. Among free sites, Bloggers is a popular site which allows you to link your website or blog with your account on Bloggers. Create a free account and connect your blog or website with Bloggers. This will give you both backlinks and visitors.

Put Your Content on Sharing Sites
You can make document copies of your posts and can upload them to the file sharing sites. Docstoc and Slideshare are two suggestions for you. Add links to the content in the document and share them publicly on these sites. When upload completes, the important point reaches. The sites will ask you to write the description for your file. Here, write brief description about your site and mention URL’s to it. The uploaded document will bring more visitors to your site and the description will attract both visitors and search engines.

In addition to documents, you can also share other file types like photos, videos, audios and software etc. Choose the popular file sharing sites like Mediafire, Rapidshare and 4shared. Don't forget to mention your site's link while writing description your file.

Advertise Your Site
I’ll not recommend this as this requires investment from you. If you can invest a little on your site then advertise it on Facebook, Adwords and other advertising platforms. This will give a huge number of visitors and back links.

Backlinking Sites
There are many paid sites which claim to give you a lot of backlinks. I’ll suggest to avoid them, as they use viral tools to submit the URLs on other sites. Your site may be declared as spam.

At last-A Tip for You
Try to put your URLs on the related web pages. This will enhance the respect among search engines for your site when they will find a relevant source on a page which is being searched. And the last tip for you, please don’t misguide your audience for getting more traffic and backlinks. Mention your site’s description honestly while suggesting your URLs to the viewers. I hope that this post will proved to be useful for you. Best of luck!!

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